Saturday, January 03, 2009

Strange Dead Dancing

Today was a double dose of horror… one funny and one not so funny. First up was Dance of the Dead, which turned out to be much more entertaining than I expected. It premiered at SxSW to rave reviews and now I know why. I would watch it again. In fact, I'd own it.

In the evening I took in the Liv Tyler/Scott Speedman vehicle, The Strangers. It’s a jump-scare fest that is serviceable in bringing on the suspense and fear. Strangely enough, The Strangers seems to be almost a note for note take on the French thriller, Them, which, IMO, I think is a better and more terrifying movie. I probably wouldn’t bother watching this one again but Them is a keeper. This is probably because I saw Them before The Strangers. I did, however, like the creepy masks.

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