Saturday, January 24, 2009

Outlandish Ink

today I braved the single-digit temps (thanks to my 1-2-1 appt at the Apple Store) and caught a couple of B-grade flicks on the bigscreen. First up was the Brendan Fraser vehicle, Inkheart, which was largely disappointing having read the book, which is so much better. A few elements from the film would've been nice touches in they were in the book but overall the film adaptation just wasn't as compelling as the book. My advice is to read the book and catch the movie as a rental.

After that, I headed to another theater, Barrington AMC 30, to check out the Alien/Viking flick Outlander starring Jesus as the dude from outer space that crashes in the Iron Age and joins the Nordic warriors to kill the nearly unstoppable alien monster that came along for the ride. it was laughable throughout and very much a B-movie. It's nice to see John Hurt in another alien movie.

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Jay said...

just testing...

i can't believe you paid $10 to see Outlander.