Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bank Bonds

I was sorting and trashing boxes of old papers/receipts in the early hours so I threw in Tim Dalton's first spin as James Bond, The Living Daylights. Surprisingly this flick required more attention than I had planned. having never seen this one in the Bond canon the overall more realistic tone was strange (coming off classics such as Moonraker and Octopussy!). This was definitely more "spy" movie and not so bad.

This evening I followed up with the well-played The Bank Job which I've been wanting to see ever since the rave reviews started pouring in. Jason Statham needs more roles like this as it's clear he can carry a well-crafted flick (unlike his standard Transporter/Deathrace/War leading characters; let's forget about In the Name of the King, shall we?). Definitely an entertaining watch.

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