Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dynamic Resolution

My new years resolution isn’t so much a resolution as it’s an new idea; tracking all the movies I watch during the year. Actually I’m looking for a program that will track all the movies I watch w/o having to manually input the title (kinda like imdb for portables or transferable/exportable). The programs I’ve seen will track your collections, want-lists, etc but I just want something simple to track movies I’ve seen (and how I’ve seen them: theater, DVD, etc).

For now, I’m going to post the flicks I’ve seen as each day goes along and hopefully it will give me something consistent to post. We’ll see how long I can keep at it. Sometimes I’ll include my mini-review if I have the time. Let’s begin.

Last night (technically this morning) I watched the awesome Dynamite Warrior, another fun Thai action flick by the team that produced the Tony Jaa movies. DW wasn’t quite as good as the Jaa material but it was still a blast to watch. Dan Chupong could be a legitimate star in his own right.

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