Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bite The Hand That Paints

A documentary I've been wanting to see for a while is Amir Bar-Lev's My Kid Could Paint That (2007) and it lives up to what I expected; it presents both sides yet leans a little more on the skepticism of this apparent prodigy child. Ever since I saw the controversy unfold on 60 Minutes, I've wanted to know more about the story. This doc gives it all and the bonus post-film featurette gives even more. Totally worth checking out.

Another little Amicus flick And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973) is okay but doesn't nearly live up to the terrific trailer. Magee & Cushing join the cast of Amicus regulars. Probably a better group-watch.

Oh, have I mentioned that I'm attempting to watch all the Journey to the Center of the Earth films? Tonight I dove into Asylum's 2008 take on this Jules Verne classic Journey to the Center of the Earth. Released to compete w/New Line's Brendan Fraser vehicle of the same year, I almost want to say this one's the worst of the lot. It should be if not for that 1989 aberration. Not worth viewing unless you're a Greg Evigan fan or (gasp!) an Asylum fanboy. At least it does feature hottie Caroline Attwood.

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