Sunday, February 28, 2010


On this last day of February I was able to squeeze in two films on the big screen. The first being Kevin Smith's latest studio effort, Cop Out (2010) a.k.a A Couple of Dicks. Despite all the negative criticism, mostly from film critics, I totally dug this flick! There were moments when I seriously laughed out loud. My audience also laughed along. Not sure how it will hold up on a second viewing but I'm there.

Once that was done, I rushed back to Palo Alto to catch the late viewing of Akira Kurosawa's excellent Scandal (1950), featuring the handsome Toshiro Mifune and gorgeous Shirley Yamaguchi. However, the story is less about their "scandal" and more about the downtrodden attorney Hiruta, played with conviction by Kurosawa stalwart Takashi Shimura. Damn fine film and so glad to have seen this as part of the Kurosawa Festival at The Stanford Theatre.

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