Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lo and Behold and Forget

Hollywood Rocks! (2008) isn't a bad take on the '80s Sunset scene but it could've been so much better. And it's nowhere close to Decline of the Western Civilization 2: The Metal Years. But for those like me (fascinated with that time in rock history) it still makes for a interesting watch even if it's a little too much GNR.

Junji Sakamoto's Face (2000) is unquestionably compelling but also challenging as you watch this homely Japanese woman make her way through Japan after committing a terrible crime. Along the way she slowly breaks from her shell but must stay on the run.

Being that the 1975 version of The Land That Time Forgot (2009) is one of my favorite films, it's no surprise that I also enjoyed this modern version despite its many problems. C. Thomas Howell not being one of them (tho he did direct, which is astonishing considering this is yet another Asylum flick). The CG dinosaurs are rendered horribly (really, this many years after Jurassic Park?) and the solution to escape the island is just silly. But I can watch flicks like these all day.

Lo (2009) is the little black comedy horror film that tried. I admire what they did here but went in & out of being interested to just being bored. It's on NWI and worth a look but don't expect much. The practical costume effects & make-up are done well for a lo-budget indie flick (see what I did there?).

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