Friday, February 05, 2010

Deeply Butchered Beth

Want to see a film with little or no redeeming value? Look no farther than I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009). Not that all the scathing critic reviews weren't enough warnings. I think I hated this movie. Shocked this done by the hand of Chris Columbus.

Via Instant Watch I fired up Jin Won Kim's The Butcher (2007). Nothing more than a different spin on the torture porn genre but interesting enough to make it worthwhile if you like your horror bloody and low budget. I read an article in Giant Robot about this flick and the director that ultimately didn't allow me to fully buy into the real feel depiction of a snuff film going down. But not terrible.

Was fortunate to DVR Jerzy Skolimowski's Deep End (1970) from TCM. Exquisite and erotic coming of age film with the sexy Jane Asher as Michael's obsession. So much to love here and one to seek out.

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