Friday, February 26, 2010

Deep In Tokyo

Arrived in San Jose around noon, picked up my first ticket to Cinequest Film Festival by 1pm, was in my seat at Camera 12 for the 9:15 US premiere of Deep in the Valley (2009), written & directed by Atsushi Funahashi. Kind of a docu-drama in telling the story about the 5-story pagoda in Kanaka that burned down and the quest to recover old 8mm film of the tragic event... plays out very slowly and deliberately. Could tell that most of the crowd wasn't very fond of this film but I like it for being very Japanese.

On my flight to Houston via Continental, I was fortunate to have the in-seat entertainment system to keep me entertained. For a mere $6.99 I was able to select from a wide variety of programming and movie channels. But what did I do? I chose my old standby TCM to view Mrs. Miniver (1942). And I'm so glad to have watched this wartime drama and Academy Award winner (seven Oscars!). Definitely worth seeking out.

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