Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rape and Murder in the 12th Century

Thanks to Rupert's (@bobfreelander) tweet about the restored Rashomon print getting featured at the Kurosawa Festival at Stanford Theatre, I was able to finally see this amazing film on the big screen. So great to see. Really envious of the Stanford students in attendance seeing Rashomon (1951) for the first time in that environment. Wish I was gonna be around to see all the Kurosawa films like this.

Was pretty tired after getting back to my hotel after the evening spent in Palo Alto, so instead of going out to a late viewing I stayed in and eventually queued up The Headless Ghost (1959). Don't think it's as bad as that IMDB rating would lead you to believe but it's nothing terrific either. But I enjoy even the worst of old black & white film so it was fine. A really cool & scary remake could be done from the basic premise of this flick (i.e. kids visit castle and secretly hide to stay overnight).

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