Saturday, February 06, 2010

Movie Night #1 (We Missed You)

Haven't had a bona-fide "movie night" since Halloween '09. Guess you can blame our busy schedules and life getting in the way. But I headed out to Ron's with several movies in hand but it wasn't until after 10PM when we got going. Yes, it turned into a late night (early morning). First up was the Amicus classic werewolf romp The Beast Must Die (1974) featuring Peter Cushing in a miner role with Calvin Lockhart in the lead trying to guess who among his guests is the werewolf. Michael Gambon was also present. Good times.

Next was Nacho Vigalondo's excellent Timecrimes (2007). This was Ron's first time viewing Los cronocrímenes but I was more than happy to watch it again. Still the same mind fuck as ever and solid re-watch.

Finally was the classic grindhouse flick I Drink Your Blood (1970). This is truly a delightful film featuring rabid Satan worshipping hippies terrorizing a small town. So great is this you must watch this trailer:

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