Sunday, May 15, 2011

Despising Twilight

A couple of library grabs today. First up one I wasn't keen on seeing in the theater, Despicable Me (2010). For at least the first half of this film I was glad I skipped it but somehow the charm finally comes thru in the second half making it cute and watchable. 6.5 / 10

Now a much lesser in quality movie Vampires Suck (2010), which is exactly what you'd expect in a modern vampire, ahem Twilight spoof from Friedberg/Seltzer. And not really being a fan of these this one is on par with most others and not all that good. But since it is actually more entertaining than Twilight I'll give a better score. 5 / 10

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  • May Re-watch: 2
  • May '11 Total: 26
  • May '10 Total: 68
  • 2011 Total: 294

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