Thursday, June 02, 2011

No Stopping the Mutants

The other feature on that DVD I rented from Lion Video was White Rat (1972) another forgotten gritty crime flick from the seventies. And not any better than How to Score with Girls. It's as forgettable as it is forgotten. Again context makes it interesting. 5 / 10

Picked up the blu for Unstoppable (2010) from my library. Pretty much what I expected from Tony Scott, a somewhat engaging but entirely silly film. I like Chris Pine here but so over Denzel. 6 / 10

Hit the midnight screening at Showplace 12 for X-Men: First Class (2011) with small audience. Nothing about the trailer or early photos made this compelling to me (other than being another superhero flick) but the advanced buzz was right; this is a good film despite its flaws. Set in the early sixties along with the origin story makes it work. First third is much better than the finale. Fassbender and Bacon steal the show but Matthew Vaughn succeeded in the end. 8 / 10

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