Thursday, June 23, 2011

Challenging Christ

The Monster That Challenged the World (1957) is yet another fifties sci-fi giant monster movie. But the monsters here are giant mollusks released below the sea after an earthquake. Mostly humorous. 6.3 / 10

Besides Bruce Dern as punk biker the best thing about The Cycle Savages (1969) is the premise: gang of bikers hellbent on destroying the hands of a sketch artist… because he draws pictures of the bikers. He draws pictures of them. So they want to crush his hands. 6.5 / 10

Yeah, I've put off watching Lars von Trier's Antichrist (2009) far longer than I should have. And for no good reason, really. Now that I've seen it I think it's a brilliant film. Willem Dafoe is so damn good. Charlotte Gainsbourg continues selecting some crazy roles. May pick it up on blu-ray some day. 8 / 10

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  • June Re-watch: 4
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