Monday, March 01, 2010

February Film Tally

Looks like I watched 61 films in February. Not bad but clearly I was trying harder in certain places (and less in others). Most proud of catching a few (great) films during my trip to the Bay Area, which I never do. Think only 8 were re-watches. That's 112 total on the year for those Tallyteers playing along at home. Compared to last year I'm 19 films ahead (and, seriously, I haven't been trying to watch a lot of films but I think I've fallen into a habit). When I started tallying last year I wasn't nearly as aggressive starting out but March really kicked up a notch and April was lights out. No way I'll match those months (nor do I want to).

And b/c I'm sitting in a hotel waiting for SMX West to kick off tomorrow, I watched the dreadful Ninja Cheerleaders (2008) on Showtime Extreme. Hard to believe that Trishelle has been able to parlay her MTV Real World fame into acting, albeit in dreck like this. Amazing the things George Takei will do for a paycheck.

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