Monday, April 12, 2010


April Re-Watch Film: Enemy Gold (1993). Another Sidaris flick I saw a lot of on cable/skinemax back in the day.

Courtesy of TCM: watched Burt Reynolds in White Lightning (1973). Fairly solid flick but think I enjoy the sequel better. Appreciate that Reynolds seemed to gravitate towards car chase flicks during his heyday.

More kudos to NWI for having the OOP Dinosaurus! (1960) available. Two dinosaurs discovered underwater brought to life by... lightning! A little sad that of the two remaining dinosaurs the humans let one kill the other then proceed to kill the last dinosaur while allowing the last living caveman to also be killed. Sad! Fun watch tho.

Another gem on NWI The Alligator People (1959) features Lon Chaney Jr. in a supporting role in a nice, old school horror flick w/some fun creature effects. I'm kinda fond of any flick involving reptile people.
  • April New: 23
  • April Re-watch: 12
  • April Total: 35
  • 2010 TOTAL: 222

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