Friday, April 02, 2010

Hard To Kill

April Re-Watch Film: Raging Bull (1980).

From my library: Belly of the Beast (2003), featuring Lawman Steven Seagal and his Asian body-double / stuntman. How do you know? The Asian guy isn't fat.

I'm still saddened that all of Andy Sidaris' flicks are now out of print. Surprised Netflix continues to carry them (but also rather happy to get them while it lasts). Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) was next on the list and it's another one that lives up to the Bullets, Bombs & Babes tagline by Sidaris. This is the flick that features the clown on the skateboard w/the blow-up doll that been getting a lot of internet play this week.
  • April New: 4
  • April Re-watch: 2
  • April Total: 6
  • 2010 TOTAL: 193

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