Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spider Food For Thought

April Re-Watch Film: Kingdom Of The Spiders (1977). Been way too long since I've watched Bill "Rack" Shatner fend off deadly spiders that inexplicably appear by the thousands to devour a small town. But now I want the recent special edition release.

From my library, I soaked up Yoichi Sai's brilliant film adaptation of Kazuichi Hanawa's popular manga Keimusho no naka a.k.a. Doing Time (2002). Cast with famous faces of Japanese cinema (stalwart Tsutomu Yamazaki in the lead), this is a simple story of the daily lives of men imprisoned. Watching this kinda makes one want to be placed in this prison, as life, while still quite structured, is actually quite good (so long as they follow the rules). Even solitary confinement isn't so bad! I'm also putting this one in my top 5 foodie films because hot damn these prisoners eat well (better than me, in fact). My stomach grumbled aching for the incredible food on display. Highest recommendation for this film.
  • April New: 32
  • April Re-watch: 20
  • April Total: 52
  • 2010 TOTAL: 239

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