Friday, April 09, 2010

Savage Swamp Spiders

April Re-Watch Film: Savage Beach (1989). Always considered this my fave of the Sidaris catalog but upon this re-watch, I'm rescinding that opinion.

Always caught Jim Wynorski's The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) in pieces on cable but never watched this start to finish (despite owning the DVD for years). Since I've been on a Sidaris, Wynorski & Olen Ray binge lately, good time to throw this on. The in-jokes are great and Heather Lochlear looks amazing. And then there's Sarah Douglas... va va vavoom. Crazy how she got typecast as the evil queen bitch after her role as Ursa in Superman. Flick is as ridiculous as you'd expect. Huh, 2 cheesy flicks from '89 already today.

You know bugs & spiders were big in the mid-seventies when not just one film is released about a spider invasion but two (that I'm aware of...) The Giant Spider Invasion (1975) being the lesser of the two. Had to watch via MST3K version but that probably made it a little easier to swallow. Props for the Giant Spider props but what a shitty film. Alan Hale is the idiot sheriff. Need I say more? Wish this film was half as good as the poster art!
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