Sunday, April 18, 2010

Serenity Now!

April Re-Watch Film: Serenity (2005). Think I love this flick more after each viewing. Wondering if I should get the Blu-Ray (if the quality is worthy). This film makes me believe that Joss Whedon could make a stellar Avengers flick; he handles the ensemble well here.

Treated myself to Brian Trenchard-Smith's quite entertaining riff on The Most Dangerous Game, Escape 2000 (1983 - USA) a.k.a Turkey Shoot. Whether you're a BTS fan or not, there is a lot to love here, esp. if you enjoy the theme & general exploitive time in which it was made. Features Olivia Hussey (yum!) and tremendous kill scenes in addition to loads of general character wackiness. Steve Railsback is also great. The behind the scenes featurettes are also excellent as is BTS's commentary. Highly recommended. This makes at least 2 The Most Dangerous Game flicks I can remember viewing this month. There must be a list out there of all the films with the same theme.
  • April New: 29
  • April Re-watch: 18
  • April Total: 47
  • 2010 TOTAL: 234

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