Sunday, April 11, 2010

Running and Kicking

April Re-Watch Film: The Running Man (1987). Bought the Blu-Ray on impulse today for $8. Just had to watch again. Love how the fashion of the future looks remarkably like fashion of the 80s.

Driving home from movie night I listened to the latest Cinema Diabolica podcast about Mario Bava. This inspired me to watch his excellent Planet of the Vampires (1965). This is ALIEN before there was ALIEN. The guys on Cinema Diabolica touched on it and I'd go into it here but I'd rather you see for yourself (if you haven't already). Very good 60s sci-fi horror.

DVR'd Asylum's latest "masterpiece" Mega Piranha (2010), which premiered on SyFy last night. Wish I could I enjoyed this as much as Megashark versus Giant Octopus but I didn't. It definitely has some hilarious moments (kicking flying piranha? giant piranha launching into buildings? hell yes) but felt it would've been more fun as a movie night viewing (in a group). And poor Tiffany... not only terrible acting but sadly hasn't maintained her final results from Celebrity Fit Club back in 2007.

Lastly in staying w/the cheesy I went with Fred Olen Ray's Phantom Empire (1989), which has the right premise (group of explorers incl. Jeffrey Combs discover "lost world" & alien queen Sybil Danning) but the slow start only remains slow for the duration. More running or chasing but not much action or moments worth remembering. Bit of a disappointment.
  • April New: 20
  • April Re-watch: 11
  • April Total: 31
  • 2010 TOTAL: 218

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