Friday, April 30, 2010

House of Holmes

April Re-Watch Film: House of Flying Daggers (2004). For a movie such as this (i.e. bold colors & action) I expected a better print on the blu-ray. Still enjoy this film but liked it better theatrically on the big screen (like Zhang Yimou's other strikingly colorful Hero).

Because it's expiring tomorrow on NWI, I chose King Kung Fu (1976), which is fairly awful spoof film in the line of They Call Me Bruce and others from around that time. This is another one that might have been better esp. w/knock-out model Maxie Gray as "Rae Fay" but even her running around in a bikini isn't enough to make this watchable.

Right on schedule Asylum releases a film to compliment to recent RDJr/Guy Ritchie Holmes flick by releasing Sherlock Holmes (2010) DTV. And as you'd expect from Asylum it's not very good. That said I thought it was okay as another take on a younger Holmes sans any real quality mystery. And they found a way to incorporate crappy CG dinosaurs and monsters! Go Asylum!
  • April New: 38
  • April Re-watch: 30
  • April Total: 68
  • 2010 TOTAL: 255

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