Wednesday, November 12, 2003

didn't get any sleep last night and ended up twisting my neck outta sorts. fun not being able to move my head to the right.

day was dismal. worked my @ss off from beginning to end... and the dark dread to come never came. postponed until tomorrow. more fun.

after my delightful call to comcast i've re-thought my TV plans... looks like i'm going back to square one.

flounder finally saw Kill Bill v1 last night and quickly proclaimed it the best movie he saw this year. whatever. he only went to 5 movies i think (and he thought Pirates of the Caribbean was fantastic).

anyway he asked if the chick that plays Go Go Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama) in the flick is the same psycho chick from Battle Royale. "yes, flounder, she is." he of course was all giddy about this... and now wants to borrow my BR DVD again. ~sigh~

anyway, another incentive to see the flick... see the psycho chick from BR in another movie! yeah, ok. sure. hopefully i'm going back for a 2nd helping this friday with past0r who doesn't want to see it. but agreed if i pay. yay!

/done and dried.

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