Tuesday, November 25, 2003

last day of the week is finally here! yeehaw. yes, i am stoked to not have to return to this office for an entire week. that's really the best part of this time of the year for me; lots of days off. right now it's all about getting thru today...

finished the 1st disc of LotR:FotR SE last night/this morning. i've decided that the flick is worthy of a "10" @IMDb instead of the "9" i originally gave it. i'll watch disc 2 tonight. friday, i hooked up my LD player via s-video and the picture is surprisingly pretty crappy! i watched SW:ESB and it was akin to VCD quality. actually a little worse. But Yoda still rules. Boba Fett rocks. Han is great. and Vader is a badass, "apology accepted." however it will be weird to watch the original trilogy after Lucas wraps the final prequel. i'm curious to see the bridge between the 2 sets of movies.

(blog title does say "movie minutia" right?)

started watching Night of the Galactic Railroad again this morning around 3AM. that is such a rich anime and so easy to chill to. but it's 2 hrs long. so i forced myself to stop watching so i could read more of the Quatermain novella in the back of the LXG trade. i'll cap that tonight as well.

in 2 days trukpro will be home for the first time in 2 years! that's retarded. ok, i have some work to do.

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