Friday, November 21, 2003

so it's been a crazy week... short on posts, i know. thanks, flounder, for pointing that out. what can i say? new dvd player arrived yesterday so i spent the night deciphering my manuals to figure out what the story was. don't laugh, i'm new to progressive scan and digital projection.

comcast showed up today smack dab in the middle of the 1-5PM suggested timeslot. i love cable companies. so i got the HD cable receiver installed and running. on the way out, cable guy grabs the remote and sez, "oh yeah, one last thing," as he clicks to MTV. "For all these channels..." his voice trails as the station appears. "huh, you shouldn't be receiving this channel under the basic plan," as he proceeds to click thru the stations, "yeah, all of these. I'll have to clip the cable outside before I take off."

so, right. i was paying 10 bucks for basic and getting the full compliment of cable channels. hey, their mistake. had a feeling that party would be squashed today.. and it was. so after this and that, i ended up signin' on for the HBO silver package 4-month special for $34.95/month. ~sigh~

the HD channels look incredible. and i learned why worstbuy features WTTWHD Chicago on all the floor models: it's the best HD channel going! none of the other HD channels look nearly as good as WTTW. so the weekend will be spent figuring out how to work the rig. still so much to learn... i heard my RPTV has PIP. heh. soon... very soon.

started watching the 2nd disc of LotR2Towers SE last night... wow.

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