Wednesday, November 05, 2003

RE: PART 2: Kill Bill v1 - not your typical Tarantino flick. But a refreshing change of pace.

And firstly, went to the 3:50PM $4.50 showing of Kill Bill vol 1 @Village Crossing in Skokie/Niles. I was late due to being held up at the long lines and slow service at my ghetto BB (any BB should be avoided on Saturday). So when i walked into the theater during the Matrix trailer I realized how the reserved seat thing would've been nice. the room was packed so i had to settle for an end seat in the 3rd stinking row. wasn't great but still better than any IMAX viewing.

ok, i won't go into a lot of details about KBv1 other than to say it's by far and away my favorite Tarantino flick (which isn't saying much since he's only made 4 movies). i know there's been the resistance to pay for half a movie when it should've been released as 1 long flick a la LotR. i'm still pissed by this decision mainly b/c it came from Quentin and it sets a horrible, horrible precedent. all that said, if i had paid full admission, i still would've thought i got more than i paid for. there's a good chance i will see it again before it leaves the theater.

of the 30 movies i've seen at the theater this year, i'd put KBv1 in the top 2 or 3.

RE: the violence/gore issue. after seeing the movie, i realize where this "criticism" comes from... from those critics/viewers that don't normally watch violent/gore flicks. yes, there is a fair share of both but nothing more than any other similar film of its ilk. i.e. on par w/Battle Royale or any anime for that matter. and the violence is so hyper/ultra-violent it's comical. anyone who had a problem with this (that TMQ guy, Pat) obviously isn't tuned in. and honestly, the violence/gore were merely silly subtext to me. the robust and rich qualities come from everything but the fighting/violence. those fighting scenes are fun due to the characters within but i think it's safe to say that we've all seen plenty of HK Wo-Ping fight choreography that it doesn't impress us anymore. by "us", i'm talking about a couple of friends specifically... not the moviegoers in general that ogle the screen at these overused fight sequences lifted right out of the shaw bros. stable, circa '75, and rehashed countless times since. then again, at least Q tossed the love out to them at the getgo. very nice touch.

The style, soundtrack and still scenes really make this one for me. as well as dialogue, of course, which is terrific. 10 minutes into the feature, I was already thinking how wonderful it will be to curl up on the couch and watch this on a cold wintery day. it has that kind of "warming" quality... the kind that you want to go on for hours and hours. i wish the movie was longer... it was like opening a present only to find another present inside and so on, the feeling of being pleasantly surprised with each new chapter of the story. i smiled constantly thru-out the viewing.

ok, so that's my take. if anyone i know gets a chance to see it i will be curious to hear their reactions. who knows, they may end up hating the flick. i hope not but it's always possible. However i do recommend seeing it on the big screen, free if possible, if not then the cheapest matinee. it is worth more than that but the delivering the movie in 2 parts peeves me to no end. ah well. please go see it... i need someone to discuss it with that is tuned in.

ok, off to Lincolnwood Mall...


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