Thursday, November 06, 2003

RE: Clerks The Animated Series - Uncensored

just finished a marathon viewing of the Clerks animated series... ok, so not really marathon-like since there's only 6 episodes. right now i'm listening to the commentary as i write.

ok, it's not terribly great but entertaining nonetheless. i had seen the original 2 episodes when they aired and previewed a few others years ago during a Kevin Smith panel at Wizard World.

after watching all the eps, i am rather surprised this was picked up by a major network (ABC). of course, the commentary explains how this came to be but overall the series is loaded with gay/racist jokes and in general plenty of offensive material. not that i mind but it's weird to think this was created to air on a major network. i think the obsession with the gay thing is probably the strangest aspect of the whole thing. it's like a running theme thru-out.

as racy as Clerks TAS is it still tends to fall flat b/c it feels like they take it right to edge but never step over. i get this but the eps suffer for it, IMO. that said, it's still a cute series recommended for all Smith fans, esp. for the commentary which is probably more interesting.

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