Monday, November 10, 2003

monday was a wash... I was sick all day. I'm gettin' too old for consecutive benders. flounder was fine today... 'cept for those bleeding gums. ah to be a kid again.

so I'm out a tellie since pAT picked mine up yesterday and lugged it to its new home in Champaign. my 19" midgetvision still holds up surprisingly well but this won't do. started the search for a replacement and I don't know what direction to go. so many choices. so much money.

part of me wants to unload and get *nice* widescreen but another side of me sez, "don't get out of control." ah well. I'm off to window shop tomorrow.

damn, the eagles won tonight. I'm done w/spice's dvds. I'm so backlogged on taped shows to watch. man, I need a tivo. props to flounder for adding comments functionality to my blog. I'm slow when it comes this.

I must go now.

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