Thursday, November 27, 2003

RE: Black Wednesday

"I fight authority, authority always wins"

so i head home for the holiday (t'giving) fighting traffic all the way -- 80-90mph/2.5hrs and still somehow avoided any run-in w/the numerous law along the way! planned a night out w/past0r -- upon picking me up he tells me about getting pulled over on the trip back to the QCs from chicago -- not for speeding (cops were out in force!) -- for not having a front license plate on his non-descript camry. also turns out his registration had not been renewed since May! so he rec'd citation + mandatory court appearance.

i'm like, "wha?! you should've told me and i would've driven tonight -- the night that cops are on full alert: black wednesday" this was right as we were passing a local cruiser. sure enuff, the cruiser pulls out and dogs us. cherries on, we pull over. past0r delivers the "guess what? i already rec'd a ticket" spiel and the cop gives us the "is that so" attitude then sez, "does your passenger have ID?" great. so he gets a written warning on top of the previous ticket. and this is all before we hit the first bar. the night is shaping up!

so less than a mile later we enter Bent River Brewing Company... turns out to be a typical midwestern joint lack of any notable diversity -- incl. the folk duo performing folk covers of pop tunes. agh. i don't think i'll be able to listen to gabriel's "in your eyes" ever again. couple of stouts later we bolt for the District.

yes, it's promising as there's several bars within a block. we head to Blue Cat and it's a decent college crowd but not packed. breathing room indeed. so a couple more drinks -- damn, JD&Coke + Bud Light = $5.25: one of the few upsides of returning to our hometown! cool conversation & warm toasty feeling... i'm killin' for a smoke. give up our chairs to a heather locklear look-a-like (only taller) and her cute asian friend. potential until Johnny Crewcut cuts in... what a nutball. that's fine. time to bail anyways...

took a route less-frequented by law enforcement and found our way back to the Valley. next up: turkey talk... and the anticipated arrival of trukpro -- after a 2 year hiatus! should be good.

btw, my dad's dial-up is a friggin' drag!

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