Tuesday, November 25, 2003

what a night... sleep deprivation caught up w/me and i've been struggling to stay awake the entire evening. the chipolte steak burrito didn't help matters... felt like i was with child most of the night.

finished off some dvds and arranging dvd/vhs on my new shelves while watching the dubbed ver. of Night on the Galactic Railroad. such a dreamy anime that probably wasn't helping me stay awake. but damn, i love that flick.

so next joe millionaire finally wrapped last night. thank bloody hell. but he didn't pick cat! grrrr. average joe continues to roll. agh. what i love about the summer: no tv. due to my lack of sleep i won't be watching disc 2 of LotR:FotR SE tonite. ah well. rec'd Ju-on: The Grudge dvd today. nothing getting the third in the series before seeing the first 2 movies.

toyzz.com order also arrived today. 12" Gatchaman G3 Princess figure is awesome. sweet deal @$13.99 (originally like $60 or something i've heard). The smaller BotP Voltar figure is "ok" but nothing special. the dark angel mini-mate is also nothing to write home about. lastly the lithograph was effed up prolly due to crummy packing. jerks. still can't complain @$25 for all of it w/s&h.

now i gotta figure out how i can scrape up some cash for Ultraman Jack.

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