Wednesday, November 05, 2003

RE: day after halloween... PART 1

ok, so i was busy flying emails back n forth that i didn't get a chance to recap saturday. ... sorry in advance for my excessively LONG initial post.

in reverse order, my final stop was yet another Blockbuster, this time in north Skokie (next to that ridiculous upscale Old Orchard outdoor mall). this has to be the best BB i've ever been to... it was sickening to see the sheer number of titles and types of titles, things i'd never find in the stores nearest me. i was rhapsodizing over their Foreign section when i noticed i was really in the Drama section (the expanse of foreign titles greatly outweighs the "normal" titles)! and they don't just have 1 DVD of each title; most titles have two copies at least (eg. 2 copies of "Emperor's Shadow" and "Shanghai Triad"). The horror section reminded me of my last visit to Facets. This BB is indeed catering to the local area (wilmette) where patrons leave their Lexus running while they shop for rentals. I cannot imagine the freedom pass here. Sadly it's too far from me!

Before that, stopped in EBX at Old Orchard for used games. surprisingly nothing of great interest there. then stopped in the vacated Museum Store that now is the temp home for the KBtoys Outlet (xmas time only) and picked up Godzilla Destroy All Monsters (gamecube) for $15 and a Ronin Warrior figure for $3. trip to Old Orchard not wasted after all... just had to put up w/the mindless richie rich teenagers running rampant. go moto!

before traveling north on Skokie Blvd, I hit the Blockbuster in Lincolnwood where the whole place is run by frazzled middle-aged women. They were actually zinging verbal barbs at each other about who worked the longest w/o a break. this was amusing. Nothing of great interest here but i did pick up "Cubix: Robots for Everyone: Showdown" for $7. This was a very nice BB (way better than mine -- mine is ghetto. the worst BB in the NW burbs).

[dinner at Long John Silver, it's digusting but i like it. a lot.]

visited the Lincolnwood mall specifically to check the EBGames store. But went into Suncoast first and walked out with a Sideshow Toys Dr. No figure for $7.49 and a very cool looking new Spawn Series 24 statue, er.. figure. still tons of Micronauts series 2 on the wall. I look forward to the clearancing of these en masse. nothing notable in EBGames. time for dinner.

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