Sunday, November 23, 2003

funny weekend. didn't leave my apt once and didn't even step outside today. friends over last night making dinner and conversation so i spent the day slaving on my place to make the kitchen functional again. was a good evening and took in a couple of flicks on my new dvd player. very nice!

today i caught up on more sleep and took in some NFL games. wow, the Bears actually beat a decent team. i built some shelves tonight for more dvd storage. that was cool. when i finished those i worked on the most ridiculous dreadful work assignment i have ever participated in since i've been working at my current employer (that's 5+ years, folks). some will know what i'm referring to, some won't. that's fine. let's just say that there are some clearly delusional ppl in the midst of my company. well, one anyways.

haven't really spent anytime with my rig like i planned. having never had a RPTV widescreen or progressive scan dvd player, i have nothing to compare to. the HDTV reception for the handful of HD channels available is exceptional. And the LotR Two Towers SE dvd has the best clarity i've ever seen in a dvd to date; the picture is stunning w/my setup. overall i'm very pleased. can't wait to learn more about it and how to use it!

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