Sunday, November 09, 2003

right. so tonight was so retarded.

i meet flounder in line at the Dimmu show @HoB and he skips outta line only to go to the end with me. dude, it works the other way around.

so we hook up w/4th Month behind the bar and she comps us drinks straight away. that works. i split for the head and return to find flounder gone. 4th month tells me he will return. so Bodom goes on w/a blistering tune and flounder misses it... why? b/c he's getting a Dimmu shirt. doh! do that when Nevermore is on.... NOT BODOM.

4th month is entirely cool... she makes some evil 1-sided Beam and Cokes for me... I'm telling ya, drinking 3 (beyond the first JD&coke) was like drinkin' six... or nine. whatever. i was trashed. way smoked.

so by 4 tunes into Dimmu i'm ready to kill it. and it's like 9:15pm. wtf? yeah that's what happens when you kick the party on thursday and don't stop. i barely remember pAT lifting my tellie today or pickin' up my shortie vision from my brother in Deerfield.

i came home to midget-vision and was stunned. i already miss my big console... hope it finds a good home in Champaign. now i gotta snatch a widescreen. yes.

with any luck, my group hug will show up within the week. damn revealing, ain't it?

btw, 4th month is cool. tight w/killer ink. i love it. she got something in common w/spice & stakk... work by Tim Biedron at Deluxe. nice!

ok, i'm retarded right now. must go.

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