Saturday, November 29, 2003


turkey day: trukpro arrives at 6AM after a 18hr drive from ABQ. not bad. i had only been sleeping for a couple hours but had to get up to see the "kids" -- his 4 dogs along for the trip. after a few more zzz hrs, dinner commenced. my mom's friends come over... dogs are excited. don't remember a lot about all that 'cept one of my mom's friends calling Hillary Clinton a bitch and then sayin' "i know it's thanksgiving but i really wish i had a sniper rifle to take that bitch out." wtf?

soon more family arrived. got to test drive the new F150 crewcab that my stepbrother drove over. my nephew, an 18yr old freshie marine, told us how drunk he was the night before on cheap booze b/c "the marines don't pay shit." then went on to throw f-bombs left and right around family & friends. guess it's ok b/c he's a marine, dammit. after two hearty dinners, i treat trukpro, past0r & sally to the Kill Bill v1 late show at the budget theater. that was cool 'cept for the morons behind us talking the entire time. yeah, everyone enjoyed the flick as i knew they would. discovered that trukpro lost his wallet... we spent black friday looking for said wallet. no luck. avoided any retail exposure which was nice. last night trukpro & i ended up taking the van & dogs up to chicago to pick up my speakers. dogs freaked when they got to my apt. that wasn't cool so we split right away... at least i didn't have to drive. got back to my 'rents place around 1AM and i stayed up 'til 4 on the Gamecube.

today was nothing special. finally got my car washed at my dad's station. nice nap and another homecooked meal. very good. i've been eating well. wanted to go out tonight but w/no ID for trukpro that idea was squashed. so just an evening home w/the 'rents. past0r & sally came over to visit for a bit and watch the dogs entertain. so far the holiday's been mellow... just hangin' w/trukpro and his funny dogs.

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