Saturday, May 01, 2010

April Movie Tally

Going in I knew there was no way I would come close to matching my April Tally from 2009 (82 films watched). But all things considered not a terrible month at 68 total films watched in April '10. Click to view my April Film Tally posts (w/a few words about the films).

More amazing that I managed to watched any movies during the last half of the month when my work schedule (& workload) was the heaviest yet of the year (some long, exhausting days). Also didn't know if I'd watch any films when my brother arrived in town for Darklord Day but fortunately we had chill time in the evening to watch a few films he hadn't seen, which also kept me on pace for my 1-rewatch per day that I set as my April goal.

Speaking of, that goal of rewatching one film I'd seen before per day became a lot more daunting than I imagined as my mood & selection didn't always see eye to eye. Was easiest when my brother was in town since he hadn't seen some popular '09 titles. So my total rewatch tally was 30, the most ever in any month as I don't do much rewatching due to mountain of films I haven't seen.

I'm at 255 films seen this year which is only 16 films ahead of last year at the same time. As the year goes along I'm guessing my total will begin slipping lower compared to last year as I'm probably going to watch less films in the coming months and get back to some books, TV programs, and gaming again (even tho I still have a long list of films on my road map).

List of all the films watched in April:
Alligator People 1959
Angels & Demons 2009
Avatar 2009
Batman - Mask of the Phantasm 1993
Belly of the Beast 2003
Better Tomorrow, A 1986
Bronson 2009
Captian Nemo and the Underwater City 1969
City of Lost Children 1995
Clairvoyant, The 1934
Clash of the Titans 2010
Company of Wolves 1985
Condorman 1981
Crossworlds 1997
Dead Alive 1993
Dead or Alive (Miike) 1999
Deliverence 1972
Dinosaurus! 1960
Doing Time 2002
Dr. No 1963
Dr. Strangelove 1964
Embalmer, The (Monster of Venice) 1965
Enemy Gold 1993
Fit To Kill 1993
Ghostbusters 1984
Giant Spider Invasion 1975
Hard Hunted 1992
Hard Ticket to Hawaii 1987
House of Flying Daggers 2004
Incredible Two-Headed Transplant 1971
Invisible, The 2007
Jekyll + Hyde 2006
Just Another Love Story 2007
Kick-Ass 2010
King Kung Fu 1976
Kingdom of the Spiders 1977
L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach 1998
Last Starfighter, The 1984
Leviathan 1989
Maltese Falcon 1941
Massacre in Dinosaur Valley 1985
Mega Piranha 2010
Midnight Movies 2005
Monty Python's Life of Brian 1979
Moon 2009
Munchie 1992
Nightbeast 1982
Phantom Empire 1989
Planet of the Vampires 1965
Rafter Romance 1933
Raging Bull 1980
Return of the Swamp Thing 1989
Running Man 1987
Saturday Night Fever 1977
Savage Beach 1989
Serenity 2005
Sherlock Holmes (Asylum) 2010
Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity 1987
Sting, The 1973
Stripes 1981
Sweeney Todd (BBC TV) 2006
Taxidermia 2006
Thin Man, The 1934
Trick 'r Treat 2008
Turkey Shoot 1983
Up 2009
White Lightning 1973
Wolverine (X-Men Origins) 2009
  • April New: 38
  • April Re-watch: 30
  • April Total: 68
  • 2010 TOTAL: 255

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