Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dysfunctional Dead

Definitely the boon in new NWI has been great... just wish I had more time to view all the treasures that can be found via streaming. Case in point, Sugar Hill (1974), a blaxploitation zombie flick! So much excellence to enjoy with this one and wonderfully fun zombie effects. The bugged out eyes are so good! Would make for a fun movie night watch with the guys. 7.1/10

Big thanks to Edmund Yeo (@greatswifty) for allowing me to preview his amazing short film Kingyo (2009) on Vimeo. Normally I wouldn't tally a short film but at 25 minutes and utterly brilliant and poignant, it deserves to be tallied. Love it so much I watched it twice and queued it back a few times to get the Lost in Translation silent spoken moment ("好きだよ"). Really wish this short was screened in the United States. I think people will love it as much as me. Also Luchino Fujisaki is perfect (and also was featured in a film called Hellevator! See yesterday's post). Can't say enough how much this moved me. Thanks again, GreatSwifty! 8.8/10

From the library I picked up Cemetery Junction (2010), written & directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Gotta say I wasn't all that into this family drama and it wasn't all what I expected. Maybe that was my problem with it. I may have missed the nuances and will have to revisit someday. 6.8/10
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