Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Not So Super Horror

Another Wednesday means another Horror Movie Night. Tonight's selection is the Fred Olen Ray directed Scalps (1983). If you know me you know that I typically enjoy the trash cinema produced by FOR and his ilk but this film really isn't all that good. It has a story with potential but kinda just plods along until the final payoff. Expected more. 4.5/10

Followed that with a much better film via NWI in Gary Sherman's Raw Meat (1972) featuring the venerable Donald Pleasence investigating a series of abductions in a sewer. Some really nice horrific moments. 7/10

Finally closed the evening with the awful Superbeast (1972) via NWI. Despite being quite terrible (story involves a mad scientist experimenting in the jungle and half-man/half-beast on the loose a la Dr. Moreau) I was intrigued by its awfulness. 4.5/10
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