Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mystery of the Moss

Was fortunate to catch a recent S.Korean film playing over at Showplace 12, Kang Woo-Suk's Moss (2010) a.k.a. Iggi. This is probably the best mystery thriller about real estate extortion that I've seen! Obviously I'm being facetious. This is a really good film with some amazing performances that starts in the early 70s then jumps forward to present time as the mystery develops after the death of a compound leader results in his son becoming suspicious of the remaining inhabitants. Not the easiest film to explain since it does involve events that occurred in the past but definitely worth checking out. I was very impressed. Here's the short synopsis from

"The story of the few people who live in a village, and a man who comes to the village for his father's funeral. He tries to figure out the mystery of his father's death, but the villagers watch his every move."

My only problem is the casting of the gorgeous Yoo Seon, who is way too young for the role she's playing. Otherwise, this is a very good film. But hella long as to be expected from S.Korean cinema.
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