Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fantastic Fest Day Three

Because of the weekend & Saturday, had to get up early and over to S. Lamar to get in line if there was any chance of getting some top selections. Only managed to get a couple but my alternates were pretty good... mostly. Wanted Naan Kadavul as my first choice but sold out. This however resulted in getting the par excellence Sound of Noise (2010) including the short film that inspired it. It flattens a bit towards the end but overall fucking brilliant. I hope all my film friends see this Swedish film by Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stjärne Nilsson.

For my second slot on Saturday I went with Szabolcs Hajdu's film Bibliothèque Pascal (2010), which reads like a Fantastic Fest flick but would play better to the arthouse crowd. Challenging watch about a Romanian mother retelling her story of how she ended up at a child welfare office to regain her daughter who dreams visually. Also includes the final sequence where the mother is a literature sex slave in London. Weird, right? Not a terrible film by any stretch but didn't get a Fantastic Fest vibe from it (a few people walked out).

After a few positive comments recommending Simon Rumley's Austin-based thriller Red, White & Blue (2010) that became by 3rd slot selection. Overall I dug this flick and the brooding intensity. Didn't care for any of the characters or motivations but it is compelling. I would also recommend but some of the Austin landmark placements get a little out of hand.

My 9PM slot I wanted Marvin Kren's German zombie romp Rammbock (2010) but probably should've chosen Kidnapped instead. Not that Rammbock is bad because it isn't, esp. for a zombie siege flick but I prefer a little more zombies in my zombie films. It has a short runtime and any longer it would be tedious.

My midnight feature was an audible standby wait for Jim Mickle's latest Stake Land (2010). This was clearly the better choice and is a quite solid road film with vampires and other antagonists. It features the capable Nick Damici, who also wrote the screenplay, and Danielle Harris. Both along with Mickle did the Q&A afterwards hosted by the biggest lunkhead at the festival. Definitely enjoyed this film even tho it feels more like a really good TV pilot for what could be a great series on AMC a la The Walking Dead. This screening also featured the worst moderater of FF. Besides admitting he "didn't do my homework" during the Q&A, he asked Danielle if she's done any horror films before this. Think about that for a moment.

Was so tired after that I can't recall how I got back to the hotel.
14 films seen!

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