Saturday, September 18, 2010

Devil Rides a Gun

Wasn't sure whether or not I'd trek out to catch M. Night Shyamalan's.. er, John Erick Dowdle's Devil (2010) in the theater but the early buzz was decent enough. And yep, it's a good film. Shyamalan is credited w/writing it and it's out of his new production house but fortunately the Dowdle handled the directing duties. It's a tight Twilight Zone-esque little feature that works just as it should. Wish it had been called Devilator (it takes place entirely within the confines of a elevator) but hey that's why I'm not in the biz. 7/10

A cool flick I caught on TCM was Gun Crazy a.k.a. Deadly Is the Female (1950). This is Bonnie & Clyde before Bonnie & Clyde. Interesting how this film is partly anti-gun propaganda and yet full on crime spree. Really solid & compelling & frightening. 7.5/10

Then from NWI I spun Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann (1982) featuring Fred Ward as a motocross dude that gets warped 100 years into the past. Always cool to see Ed Lauter but overall not a great flick. Has its charms but not much. 6.4/10
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