Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Candy Hunger

Wanting a little more Candy and lighthearted fare, I went with Armed and Dangerous (1986) on NWI. I have seen a lot of this flick, which also features Eugene Levy, Robert Loggia, Meg Ryan, Brion James, and Don Stroud among many others. However, I really didn't remember most of it as it's not the most memorable of comedies but still enjoyable. 6/10

Catching up with more Romero, Hungry Wives (1972) a.k.a. Season of the Witch was next on my Netflix list. Love the look and tone of the film but generally didn't really get into it as I would have liked. Probably cuz I gotta get up damn early to catch a flight to Austin tomorrow in the AM and that's on my mind. Sigh. Not a bad film though. 6/10
  • September New: 44
  • September Re-watch: 0
  • September Total: 44
  • 2010 TOTAL: 551
(factoid: I watched 44 films TOTAL in January 2009)

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