Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fantastic Fest Day One

Fantastic Fest started today and altho I didn't get all the films I wanted, I still managed to see some decent flicks. First film of my Fantastic Fest was Lee Jung-beom's The Man From Nowhere a.k.a. This Man (2010). Bourne meets Taken in S. Korea. Pretty good but overly long and pulls a punch in the end. Very watchable. Great kid actor!

2nd film of my first day was sadly Ong Bak 3 (2010)... not because I wanted to see this but because there wasn't a better alternate choice outside of Let Me In at the Paramount, which I wasn't interested in seeing. I sat in amazement wondering how we got to this from the brilliant Ong Bak. If Tony Jaa un-retires hopefully he will never attempt to direct again.

3rd film of my first day was High Lane a.k.a. Vertige (2009), a French thriller directed by Abel Ferry and takes place in the Croatian mountains. This was recommended by Peter S. Hall and I'm glad I choose it over Redline. Doesn't bring anything new to the table but it's riveting beginning to end.

Final film of the day was Shinya Tsukamoto's 3rd Tetsuo installment Tetsuo: The Bullet Man (2009). If you've seen either of previous two Tetsuo films then you already have an idea of what to expect here. A lot more of the same craziness. Have a problem with the stilted English dialog but intriguing watch. Afterwards got a ride back to the hotel from Josh (@VHSistheTruth). Crashing hard.

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