Monday, March 21, 2011

Flaming Ghosts

BTS's The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989) has been running on MGMHD so I recorded it and watched it again. Not a film I will grow tired of any time soon. Heart Wings Hauser. 7.4/10

I'm really glad I knew nothing about Joel Anderson's Lake Mungo (2008) going in (other than it was something was highly recommended by several of my twitter people). It's expiring on NWI so in I went. I was sold for the most part… there are a few things that broke the suspension of belief but very well done. See it if you haven't. 7/10

  • March New: 50
  • March Re-watch: 5
  • March '11 Total: 55
  • March '10 Total: 75
  • 2011 TOTAL: 216

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