Wednesday, March 09, 2011

New Orleans Sleaze

Safe in Hell (1931) I captured from TCM... about a New Orleans woman who escapes to a tropical island that eventually becomes miserable for her as she is surrounded by insidious men who only want to keep her there. Really cool pre-code worth checking out. 7.5/10

Sleazy pick for Horror Movie Night this week in Mardi Gras Massacre (1978), another Video Nasty. Definitely not a good film but something that should be seen. I can't even explain it but I love the poster art. I would consider owning that if I could find it for a reasonable price (unlikely). 5/10

  • March New: 21
  • March Re-watch: 1
  • March '11 Total: 22
  • March '10 Total: 75
  • 2011 TOTAL: 183

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