Monday, March 07, 2011

Stealing the Stop-Motion

The Curse of the Living Corpse (1964) is another one from that Del Tenney DVD set. I'd say this is a bit better than the Horror at Party Beach esp. because (a very young) Roy Scheider is here and it actually works a little better on the "guests get murdered at a old house after wealthy man dies" premise. 6.8/10

Was uncertain as to whether I should pick up the Criterion of Equinox (1970) during the sale last month having not viewed it. Got it from my library and didn't waste time watching… holy shit this film is incredible! Amazed that this received Criterion treatment esp. considering the stopmo films it calls back to that will probably never have a Criterion release. I will be buying this during the next Criterion 50% off sale. 6.6/10

In Robert Wise's The Body Snatcher (1945) Boris Karloff is an evil doctor stealing cadaver's for his evil experiments, including Bela Lugosi. Decent little thriller. 7.2/10

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