Sunday, March 27, 2011

HorrorHound Weekend Day Three

Only managed to catch one film on the final day of HorrorHound Weekend and that was Travis Legge's Raymond Did It (2011), a kind of pure origin story of a slasher. Very low budget shot in Rockford, IL (a previous home of mine) it has a lot of charm and some great practical effects. Great to ask Travis some questions and talk with him afterward. Hope he has a lot of success. Definitely has the talent. Confused by the shitty rating on imdb. Ah well. 7/10

Prior to the screening and afterward, I cruised the floors one last time to snap a few photos and buy more movies. Had some great chats with Tom Atkins and Jeffrey Combs. Bought a box of VHS tapes for $1 a piece then hit the road w/@scottfinn for the long drive back to Chicago. Made a detour in Northern Indiana to visit Wagner's Ribs in Porter, IN for a couple of outstanding burgers. Big thanks to Kreepylady Kristin for the tip! Overall it was a fun weekend and I'm glad to finally experience an HorrorHound Weekend!

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