Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tale of Two Stories

Heard all the bad about Skyline (2010) prior to heading over to Muvico for a matinee. I just had to see for myself. Sadly the word of mouth was true; this is not a good film. And even for guys with a background in VFX I didn't even think those were that great. Will probably end up being one of the worst movies of the year for me. Sorry, Strause Brothers. 3/10

On the other end of the spectrum is Neil Marshall's Centurion (2010), another film I've read both good and bad about. But call me a Marshall apologist because I totally dig this sword and sandals adventure. Michael Fassbender is great commanding the main arc and the supporting cast is also very good. Olga Kurylenko is perfect. Special nod to Axelle Carolyn, who I started following on Twitter now that I'm familiar with her (she's good too!). I'm a fan of the genre and this movie just works for me. Look forward to owning the blu-ray someday and eventful all-Marshall movie night! 7/10
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