Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kids WIll Be Kids

Was lucky enough to catch one of the last midnight grindhouse screenings at Camera 7 in Campbell, CA. Last night was Bonnie's Kids (1973) and this has to be the grainiest, most speckled print I've seen screened. So bad that the film quit several times during the screening making it an agonizing watch. Many people didn't stick around as the delays continued. All that said, this is the way to see a film like this. I'll probably pick up the DVD now because it is such a fun sleazy flick. 7.5/10

Another DVD we decided to watch was Fumihiko Sori's Ping Pong (2002), about a group of teenagers competing against other high schools in a ping pong tournament. Rather amazing to see all these young actors who have gone on to bigger things. Overall good film heavy of the drama with some incredible ping pong matches. 6.5/10
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