Saturday, November 06, 2010

Thunder and Lightning

A film with a fair amount of cult cachet attached to it John Flynn's Rolling Thunder (1977) was also on MGMHD much to my delight. Only recalled bits of this so it was great to finally take in the whole film. Just love William Devane here. Nice work from Tommy Lee Jones and Dabney Coleman. Tremendous film. 7.5/10

From Neflix Bruno Mattei's Women's Prison Massacre (1983) starring Laura Gemser as Emanuelle once again. Considering Mattei made two similar films with the same cast, this is quite a special flick. Not a great one but certainly interesting for women's prison exploitation cinema. And the better film of the two (the other being Violence in a Women's Prison from the previous year). In this one, Emanuelle is sent in as an undercover reporter to investigate the prison. 6/10
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