Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1 Ninja 2 Ninja Red Ninja Ghost Ninja

Time to return to Chicago. Another flight and still no decent in-flight film that I haven't already seen. Decided to watch another Godfrey Ho ninja flick on the flight and it was Diamond Ninja Force (1986). Strangely, it begins with Sho Kosugi providing a brief katana demonstration before the film. This ninja flick is more horror with an evil seductress spirit that appears and haunts a family. Features black ninjas, a red ninja, and ghost ninja! Mostly a head-scratcher but still comical as you'd expect from Ho. 6/10

Got home and queued up Thirst (1979) on NWI because I've been thirsting more Henry Silva. Not a great film back pretty good watch about a secret cult of vampire wannabes who attempt to get the main girl to drink blood and become one of them. I like it and the atmosphere. 6.5/10

That's a wrap on November!
  • November New: 53
  • November Re-watch: 6
  • November Total: 59
  • 2010 TOTAL: 717

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